The literary release of the week, in the United States and in many countries, is signed Michelle Obama, the former « First Lady » American. Highly anticipated and carried by a gigantic communication operation, Becoming has already been shot at 3 million copies – under the title Become in France.

The popularity of Michelle Obama seems to ensure the success of the book, in which it warns however again that it does not intend to engage in politics and run for the presidency. But in the spotlight for eight years at the White House, will she still manage to surprise readers of his book Becoming?

The good leaves distilled in recent days want to convince that the old « First Lady » is unveiled totally over 426 pages – to give intimate details about his life as a girl, wife, wife and mother.

Excerpts also testify to his disgust for Donald Trump. Michelle Obama has not digested that the current president seeks to sow doubt about the origins of her husband, and thus put his entire family in danger. No doubt she is also frustrated that this crude lie has allowed Trump to get into politics.

For the rest, we are waiting to learn more about Michelle Obama’s daily life at the White House, as she has managed to take a special place in the hearts of many Americans. And his popularity has not weakened.

The tickets are being snatched for his dozen or so scheduled conferences in the United States, and his publisher hopes to produce the card of the year. With her husband, still in the writing phase for their part, they received, before the publication of their double memoirs, a $ 60 million advance, probably the largest contract of its kind ever signed. « Rfi »