Gilchrist Olympio’s party was eagerly awaited, especially for the UFC’s participation in the Electoral Commission, but finally the close collaborators of the Togolese historical opponent announced this Tuesday to the journalists, other colors: the Union of the Forces of Change is expected to stand in the next local and legislative elections scheduled for December 16 and 20, 2018.

At the center of a controversy over its political position between majority and opposition for a few weeks, leaders of the UFC today reaffirm the opposition status of the party, within the Togolese political class and their commitment to the reforms. policies.

Created in 1992, a few months after the sovereign national conference and the reestablishment of multiparty politics in Togo as a federation of eight political parties, the UFC has long been the main force of the opposition.

Following a political agreement reached in 2010 with the ruling party for participation in a national recovery government, the UFC lost a large part of its electorate. But the forthcoming elections will seem to be an opportunity for Gilchrist Olympio and his family to recover their new political health.