Tuesday 26 May 2020
Accueil Actuality Concacaf is football and Miami knows it.

Concacaf is football and Miami knows it.

This week, the Confederation is bringing a new sports business vibe to the city of Miami, Florida, as the football body welcomed all their members and partners to enjoy their new headquarters in the heart of the Americas.

The event also offered an opportunity to highlight the positive impact that Concacaf is making in the region through competitions like the Concacaf Nations League.

With modern and welcoming offices situated in the 3 Miami Central Building, the Confederation expects to drive more growth for football across 41 countries within the Caribbean, North and Central America.

“This relocation is the next step in the evolution of our organization,” said Concacaf General Secretary, Philippe Moggio, who stressed that the relocation will better serve all Concacaf members and associates.

“We manage football at the level of 41 federations in this region of the world. We work with them through competitions, and the opportunity to develop the sport has been our number one priority. Even the staff has new energy coming to the new location,” said Moggio.

One of the highlights of the event was the attendance of international, national and local personalities, demonstrating that there is a new momentum to develop football in the city and across the Concacaf region.

The event featured the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, the President of the Confederation and Vice-President of FIFA, Victor Montagliani, and its General Secretary, Philippe Moggio, who inaugurated the new office with a motivational speech.

President Montagliani described the moment as, “Light and transformation,” adding that it is “a watershed moment and a new beginning, a new office which represents who we are.”

In his speech, General Secretary Moggio also reaffirmed the progress of the organization, driven by the newly corporate identity of the Confederation. “Football, unity, access and quality are the characteristics of our evolution and what we do every day,” said Moggio.

FIFA President Infantino also took a moment to expound on the potential of the Confederation in a “global city” like Miami.

“Concacaf has a great future, with new projects and new ideas, and Miami is part of this evolution,” said President Infantino.

Among the many initiatives undertaken by Concacaf recently is the Concacaf Nations League, which aligns with the Confederation’s vision for the future.

“Our future is in the competitions that we are creating and executing. We have launched the Concacaf Nations League, a platform that helps all our members participate much more in the four-year FIFA window between World Cups. We believe it is the way that is going to help the development of football at a confederation level and balance out the competition,” said Moggio.

Moggio also discussed the plans for the Confederation’s Gold Cup next summer.

“Our Gold Cup has expanded from 12 to 16 teams and will be played throughout 15 different cities in the United States, but for this next edition, we will also be hosting matches in Central America and the Caribbean,” said Moggio.

Combining initiatives like the Nations League and an expanded Gold Cup, along with the opening of its new Miami headquarters, the Confederation plans to fuel the growth and elevate the quality of the game in the region.

“After almost three years of hard work and what we have achieved as a confederation, changing our brand to better reflect who we are and changing how we do business, with a commitment to good governance, shows that this office here in Miami is a new light coming to Concacaf,” concluded Moggio.


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