Congolese opponents Jean-Pierre Bemba, Moise Katumbi, Adolphe Muzito and Martin Fayulu meet on Thursday 15 November in Brussels three days after the withdrawal of Felix Tshisekedi and Vital Kamerhe from the Geneva agreement on a joint opposition candidacy .

After Monday’s earthquake with the withdrawal of Vital Kamerhe and Felix Tshisekedi from the Geneva agreement, we must save the union or what remains of it. Jean-Pierre Bemba, Moise Katumbi and Adolphe Muzito should renew their support for Martin Fayulu.

They confirm that Martin Fayulu remains their presidential candidate and that they will call their constituents to vote for him.

Given the electoral weight of the former vice president of the Congo in Ecuador and that of the former governor of Katanga in the south-eastern provinces, this support should give thickness to Martin Fayulu. But all concede that this coalition needs to be expanded. Contacts have already been made with other presidential candidates. The leader of the Congo for Justice for example, Theodore Ngoy, or the independent Alain Daniel Shekomba.

As the election campaign begins on November 22, 2018.It is urgently necessary for these Congolese opponents to try to save unity.

What can the activists and sympathizers of the Congolese opposition expect from this meeting in Brussels? The editors of new world tv will tell us.